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Allied Electronics Big Story Your Vehicle and You Refueling at the Same Time

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Allied continues to align itself with companies who share the idea that the forecourt’s possibilities are limitless. Enter Vendgogh, which recently introduced its first gas island vending product after realizing that almost 70% of pay at the pump customers never even bother to enter the c-store.

Vendgogh is offering retailers a creative and profitable way to bring the c-store to the gas island while combining the gas and drink purchase into one transaction, avoiding costly fees. Vendgogh is offering to transform a simple gas island into a “buying zone.”

Realizing his product would require communication with the dispensers and card readers, Vendgogh’s vice president of sales and marketing Tim Stickney quickly turned to the experts at Allied for a solution. And as many industry leaders are already aware, the popular NeXGen controller provides the perfect forecourt solution. The gas island vending machine will connect to NeXGen via Ethernet which also permits remote connectivity for diagnostics and troubleshooting.

All communication between the gas island vending machine, card readers, and any other forecourt component is managed by the NeXGen controller. NeXGen’s lightning quick response times allow the customer to purchase products at the vending machine in addition to fuel in one seamless transaction.

The Vendgogh solution offers a variety of promotional opportunities. For example, the ability to customize the vending machines and perhaps integrate the products into a loyalty program provides an attractive proposition to retailers looking for an edge in today’s competitive fuel market.

Tim Stickney is glad he chose to partner with Allied on this venture. “We have been working with Allied for a couple years now, and the Allied team has been incredible,” Stickney said. “Every time we ask a question or need some help Allied is very quick to respond. I couldn’t think of a better company to partner with.”

Source: Allied Electronic Big Stories
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